Accreditation n°1-0769
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Accredited for Trace Analysis on  

Wood Cooperage & Wines 

8 rue de la haute Sarrazine 


Approval for Export Certificates 

Certified for Research Tax Credit issued by the Ministry of Finance

Located in the heart of the Cognac region in 1994, LEC offers analytical services in the field of cooperage, wines and spirits.

Since 1997, the laboratory has the necessary
approval for the issuance of export certificates (COFRAC accreditation n ° 1-0769, available for consultation on Also approved for Research Tax Credit (CIR), LEC is able to offer analytical services eligible for the CIR declaration of its customers.
The laboratory team, made up of competent and motivated staff with high-performance and modern analysis instruments, is able to guarantee you quality services and demonstrate great responsiveness to satisfy your requests. The construction and fitting out in October 2019 of the laboratory in modern premises is part of our search for continuous improvement of our activities.

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The LEC team


Since many years, LEC is deeply involved in the quantification of oak wood compounds in several matrices like woods, spirits, tannins and wines... Click here