Accreditation n°1-0769
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Our main Services
Wines and Spirit

Analysis of regulated or monitored compounds

Our team is committed to innovation and technological progress to improve our methods and continuously innovate. Then the laboratory performs trace analyzes.
Organo-halogenes (TCA) in wines simple or multi-desorption : COFRAC accredited
- Phthalates, Thujones, Ethyl carbamate, Bisphenol A... in spirits drinks

You can fine our technical files in "Download documents".

Accreditation for export certificates

The laboratory is able to perform analyzes under COFRAC accreditation (n°1-0769) and to delivery export certificates for all destinations.
- Approved by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry, allows us to issue analysis and purity certificates for the exportation of
wines and spirits.
- lead time is 5 working days* at reception of samples

*For many samples or urgent cases: contact us

Specific analysis

Still from our reaserch and develepment activity we are able to perfom specific analyzes.
Thiols, wood compouds... in wines
Volatil and non volatil compounds, coumarines, phenolic compounds... in sprits.
Specific analyses may need development of method: contact us.

You can fine our technical files in "Download documents".

LEC analyzes beverages for its customers a large panel of conventional parameters, and perform a range of analyses of fine molecules found in trace levels.


Since many years, LEC is deeply involved in the quantification of oak wood compounds in several matrixes like woods, spirits, tanins and wines... Click here