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Analysis of specific compounds likely to be subject to regulation or to be monitored: this concerns compounds subject to regulation such as certain contaminants, compounds with toxicity and those required for export by certain countries. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the main services offered.
- Contaminants: phthalates, bisphenol A... in spirit drinks
- Additives: artificial colors, sorbic, ascorbic and benzoic acids
- Natural compounds classified as toxic: thujones, ethyl carbamate
- Aromatic compounds of aniseed drinks: trans-anethole, glycyrrhizic acid
- Phenolic compounds: phenol, guaiacol, p- and o-cresol, 2- and 4-ethyl-phenol, 4-ethyl-guaiacol, eugenol (see wood compounds page)
- Specific analyzes of wines: furfurylthiol-, biogenic amines, amino acids

You can fine our technical files in "Download documents".

The complete list of services would be too long to present, we invite you to consult our catalog.
Some analysis methods can be applied to other liquid matrices such as perfumes, essential oils, plant extracts...
For specific analysis requests likely to require optimization or development, do not hesitate to contact us. We will study the feasibility with you. moreover, if your projects are eligible for the research tax credit, LEC is approved for the CIR for its customers.

Traditional oenological analyses: alcoholic strength*, volatile compounds (methanol*, ethyl acetate*...), total acidity (fixed* and volatile*), total polyphenols (DO760), density*, sugars* (individual), cations (iron, copper, calcium...), anions (sulfate...), organic acids...
* COFRAC accredited parameters (n°1-0769)

Since 1994, we have been providing all types of alcoholic beverages with the analyzes of our customers on so-called classic parameters. The team engaged in an R&D approach allowing us to develop our methods and to innovate constantly offers so-called fine analyzes for specific compounds or regulations.