Accreditation n°1-0769
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Laboratoire Etudes & Contrôles

8 rue de la haute Sarrazine 16100 COGNAC - FRANCE 

Analysis of regulated or monitored compounds

Our team is committed to innovation and technological progress to improve our methods and continuously innovate. Then the laboratory performs trace analyzes.
Organo-halogenes (TCA) in wines simple or multi-desorption : COFRAC accredited
- Phthalates, Thujones, Ethyl carbamate, Bisphenol A... in spirits drinks

You can fine our technical files in "Download documents".

Specific analysis

Still from our reaserch and develepment activity we are able to perfom specific analyzes.
Volatil and non volatil compounds, coumarines, phenolic compounds... in sprits.
Specific analyses may need development of method: contact us.

You can fine our technical files in "Download documents".

Oenologic Analyzes

Since 1994, we have carried out analyzes for all types of alcoholic beverages for our customers on so-called classic parameters including: alcoholic strength, volatile compounds, total acidity (fixed and volatile), total polyphenols (DO760), density, sugars (individual), cations (iron, copper, calcium ...), anions (sulfate ...).

Oenologic Analyzes and Fine Analyzes