Accreditation n°1-0769
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Laboratoire Etudes & Contrôles

8 rue de la haute Sarrazine 16100 COGNAC - FRANCE 

LEC company

Founded in 1994, the LEC laboratory is internationally recognized for its reliability and skills in analyzes and innovation in the cooperage, spirits and wine sectors.

Key dates

1994 LEC founding by  E. CHANSON
1997 obtained the COFRAC accreditation
1999 R. LEAUTE becomes co-managing partner
2003 The company expands and moves to larger premises at 130 rue Jules Brisson, Cognac
2006 B. LEAUTE joins the LEC, develops wood analyzes and the R&D pole (obtaining CIR approval)
2008 F. LEAUTE joins LEC to strengthen the R&D team
2010 LEC becomes a family business, B. LEAUTE becomes co-manager with R. LEAUTE
2015 following the death of R. LEAUTE the company has since been managed by B. LEAUTE and F. LEAUTE
2019 LEC continues to develop and moves to its new more suitable premises at 8 rue de la Haute Sarrazine, Cognac

Our Values & Our Commitments

Analyzes under COFRAC accreditation since 1997

Since its inception, LEC has been committed to a Quality management approach in order to meet the requirements of its clients and to continually improve the accuracy and precision of its analysis results. In order to keep our skills and ensure the best results for our clients, we regularly participate in the BIPEA and BNIC interlaboratory courses.
Our accreditation scope is reported in our technical appendix, which can be viewed on the COFRAC website under accreditation number 1-0769.

Approved for research tax credit since 2006

Our team is continually working to develop and research new and ever more efficient analytical tools. This process of innovation and technological progress allows us to continuously improve our methods.
The LEC has been accredited by the Ministry responsible for research as an organisation performing Research and Development activities for third parties.

Accreditation n°1-0769
Available on