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Since 20 years, LEC provides research, analysis and monitoring of halogenated organic contaminants involved in musty odours in wood, liquids, air, as well as other regulated compounds.

Analysis of organo-halogenes with double extraction and injection on TD-GCMS

Developed in our laboratory, LEC offeres to our customers a specific method to analyze haloanisoles and Halophenols by Thermo-Desorption (-TD).
Wood cooperage, method COFRAC accredited
- Containers, other matrices solid and liquid

Barrel unit control, the TCAtest D

LEC has developed a new barrel testing tool : the TCAtest D
- Quickly and efficiently assess the risks linked to the possible presence of
haloanisoles and halophenols in new barrels.
- Possibility to group
10 samples in 1 analysis (minimising the costs).
exclusivity system développed by LEC and patent pending.

Ambiant air assesment, the TCAtest

The TCAtest is a simple device for sampling any potential contaminants present in the storage atmosphere.
- Simple device for sampling any potential contaminants present in the
storage atmosphere of your products (container, cellar, etc.)
Exclusivity system développed by LEC with patent pending.

Wood compounds

LEC routinely analyzes a very wide range of relevant chemical compounds in different matrices (wood, liquid extracts or oenological tannins).
No volatil compounds by HPLC.
Volatil compounds by GCMS.

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