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Our main Services : Wood Cooperage

                  Barrel unit control, the TCAtest D

Exclusivity LEC system developed by LEC and patented since 2012, this new tool is intended for the control of new barrels
- Quickly and efficiently assess the risks associated with the possible presence of haloAnisoles and haloPhenols in a barrel under production control or upon receipt.
- Possibility of grouping
10 samples in 1 analysis (minimizes costs).
- Fast sampling (a few minutes) and non-destructive.

Analysis of organo-halogenes with double extraction and injection on TD-GCMS

Main service for wood cooperage, after sampling by scraping of wood, specialy stuited to the limits recommended by the "Fédération des Tonneliers de France".
-Exclusivity of LEC, analysis method for
chloroanisoles and chlorophenols developped in our laboratory, very effivient by double extraction and Thermo-Désorption (TD) injection with MS detection.
Accredited method since 2016.

Passive trapping system for unit control of barrels: TCAtest B

Passive haloanisole trapping device for barrels
- N
ot specific material is required
- Suitable for tracing during
export or winery checks
- Sampling in a few days,

Our lead times are 3 working days (possibility to get results in 24h: contact us)

New ! Third generation cartridge: detects the presence of HaloPhenols precursors