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Laboratoire Etudes & Contrôles

8 rue de la haute Sarrazine 16100 COGNAC - FRANCE 

Wood, oenological tannins, Liquid Extract, Wine, Spirit and Water

LEC routinely analyzes a very wide range of relevant chemical compounds (tannins, lactones, etc.) in different matrices (wood, liquid extracts or oenological tannins).
No volatil compounds by HPLC.
Volatil compounds by GCMS.
Coumarins by HPLC-FLD

Analysis of aromatic compounds from oak wood

Particularly well suited for monitoring aging in contact with wood.

Determination of vanillin and syringalhyde at trace thresholds (µg/L)

Two complementary analysis methods for the main compounds of interest likely to migrate into wine.

Coumarines Aglycones Analysis : Scopolétine, 4 - Methylumbelliferone, Umbelliférone et Esculétine

Compounds naturally present in wood, they are known to be interesting markers of the aging of spirits in contact with oak wood.
HPLC-FLD analysis can be carried out alone or in addition to non-volatile compounds (identical extraction)