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LEC offers different services for the analysis of a very wide range of relevant chemical compounds from oak wood. The technical team has developed different methods to offer services according to your needs, quality control, monitoring of aging in contact with wood, research and development for any type of solid or liquid matrix;
- Solid: wood for barrels or shavings, tannins...
- Liquid: spirits, wines, water, hydroalcoholic solutions, wood extract...

Non-volatile compounds: Routine analysis this is carried out by HPLC. LEC offers it to its customers for all solid and liquid matrices. We also offer the analysis of the 2 compounds syringaldehyde/Vanillin at trace concentrations of the order of µg/L in spirits by LLDME-GCMS.

Volatile compounds: in addition to non-volatile compounds, LEC offers volatile compounds made in GCMS. Concentrations at ppb (µg/L) thresholds make this one of the most demanding sensitivity analyzes for this range of services. Thanks to the R&D work recently carried out, we have validated the analysis for solid matrices from the same extraction carried out for non-volatile compounds, offering both a complete profile of the sample and allowing a more accessible price offer. .

Coumarins Aglycones*: Compounds naturally present in the wood, they are known to be interesting markers for the aging of spirits in contact with oak wood.
Analysis by HPLC-FLD can be carried out alone or in addition to non-volatile compounds (identical extraction).
*Scopoletin, 4 - Methylumbelliferone, Umbelliferone and Esculetin

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Phenolic compounds: For many years, the LEC has been deeply involved in the quantification of oak wood compounds in several matrices such as woods, spirits, tannins and wines. Many of these phenolic compounds are also known as smoky flavors generated by burning organic materials like wood or peat.
"Peat" compounds: liquid or solid matrix, services in particular for spirits (whisky) and grains (after extraction) produced by HPLC.
"Smoked" compounds in wine: method by SBSE-TD-GCMS.