Accreditation n°1-0769
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Our main Services
Wines and Spirit

Analysis of regulated or monitored compounds

- Organo-halogenes (TCA) in wines method COFRAC accredited
Phthalates, Thujones, Ethyl carbamate, Bisphenol A... in spirits drinks
You can fine our technical files in "Download documents".

Accreditation for export certificates

- Approved by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry, allows us to issue analysis and purity certificates for the exportation of wines and spirits.
- lead time is 5 working days* at reception of samples
*For many samples or urgent cases: contact us

Production analyses

- Analyses and special price for control of production.

Specific analysis

- Thiols, wood compouds... in wines
- Volatil and non volatil compounds, coumarines, phenolic compounds... in sprits.

- Specific analyses may need development of method: contact us.
You can fine our technical files in "Download documents".

LEC analyzes beverages for its customers a large panel of conventional parameters, and perform a range of analyses of fine molecules found in trace levels.